About MILA

MILA was founded in 2003 by the Israel Ministry for Science and Technology. Its mission was to create the infrastructure necessary for computational processing of the Hebrew language and make it available to the research community as well as to commercial enterprises. MILA is now funded exclusively by proceedings from selling licenses to commercial entities, as well as by occasional research grants from the Israel Science Foundation.

MILA now distributes a wide array of language resources and tools, all focused on (Modern, written) Hebrew. In general, most of the resources and tools available from MILA are distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and are free for non-commercial use. Commercial licenses are also available; please contact MILA to inquire about terms.

The main publication describing MILA and the language resources it distributes is:

Alon Itai and Shuly Wintner. "Language Resources for Hebrew." Language Resources and Evaluation 42(1):75-98, March 2008. [BibTeX]